CodeChecker package builder

Short description for the package layout of the generic CodeChecker package. Package creation is based on the package layout config file. It has two main parts a static and a runtime part.

External checker libraries

External checker libraries can be used in the package. The shared object files should be in the plugin directory and will be automatically loaded at runtime.

Runtime section

The runtime part contains information which will be used only at runtime to find files during the checking process.

Analyzers section

This section can be used to register multiple analyzers and their binaries:

"analyzers": {
    "clangsa": "clang",
    "clang-tidy": "/path/to/clang-tidy"

The given binaries can be absolute or relative (to the package root directory) paths.

You can set the CC_ANALYZERS_FROM_PATH environment variable before running a CodeChecker command to yes or 1 to enforce taking the analyzers from the PATH instead of the given binaries. If this option is set you can also configure the plugin directory of the Clang Static Analyzer by using the CC_CLANGSA_PLUGIN_DIR environment variable.

Replacer section

This section is a key-value component. The key is clang-apply-replacements and the value is the same by default. This is the name of a Clang tool which applies textual replacements in the source code directly. CodeChecker fixit command uses this tool, see its documentation for further details.