Feature comparison

CodeChecker includes two user interfaces, which support different actions. This comparison summary is intended to overview which feature is available through which interface.

Table of Contents

Analysis invocation

  • Analyzers can only be invoked through the command-line command, analyze.

  • Analysis runs locally on the user's computer.

  • Cross–Translation-Unit analysis supported if using a Clang version which supports it.

Storage of reports to a server

  • Storage of reports can only be done through the command-line command, store.

Report navigation and visualisation

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Listing basic (file, check message, ...) report summary
Listing advanced (detection status, review, ...) report summary
Basic (file path, check name, ...) filtering of reports
Advanced (detection status, detection date, ...) filtering
Printing bug path for report Only for local output folder
Visualisation of bug path in the code Only through exporting to HTML
Listing reports in the same file Only through filters
Listing all reports in a product

Report management, triaging tools

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Showing comments for a particular report
Commenting on reports
Comment management (edit, delete)
Showing review status of a report
Changing review status of a report
(Legacy) Importing suppressions of < 6.0 CodeChecker
Difference of two runs
Difference of a stored run to a local output folder

Statistics, summary views

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Run overview Basic (only report count and timestamp)
Breakdown of reports per run, per check
Exporting report breakdown to CSV

Run management

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Listing runs in a product
Listing store actions to a run (history)
Deleting runs

Server administration

Starting a server

The command-line command CodeChecker server is used to start a CodeChecker server.

This command is also responsible for handling schema upgrades.

Product management

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Listing products on a server
Addition, modification and removal of products

Authentication and access control

Feature name Command-line Web GUI
Configuration of authentication system Through configuration file
Managing permissions granted to users